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GessoVidro - Sculptural Bowls with Claire Hall 9th- 13th Sept 2019

GessoVidro - Sculptural Bowls with Claire Hall 9th- 13th Sept 2019

A new and exciting 3 day class this technique has been developed by Claire herself.  GessoVidro literally means "plaster glass" in Portuguese and combines the principles of painting on plaster (Gesso) with printmaking techniques such as intaglio, collagraph and stencilling. We will use glass paints and powders to create a variety of effects onto the plaster, then build layers with glass frits. Pieces will be fired flat first then cold worked and slumped into a variety of traditional as well as free form moulds.

We will be working with colour, design, reactions and making our own stencils from every day  materials

Claire has adapted Pate de Verre, an ancient technique of making glass sculpture and vessels from glass frits, and developed her own variation which alleviates the need for lengthy (and often very messy!)  mould making normally associated with the technique.

Over the 3 days you will be given plenty of opportunity to thoroughly explore these innovative  PdV techniques making it more acccesable and fun. You will leave the course with a variety of small sculptural bowls and wall pieces plus a section of test pieces.
Start time 10am
Please note that all materials, tools and refreshments will be provided.
All courses may be paid for in full or a place may be secured by a deposit (deposit only option found in the drop down menu) . An invitation to set up a Direct Debit mandate for the balance will be sent separately.

475 GBP